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Igbofest Sponsor Packet Overview

December 31, 2019 | IgboFest | blog


The IgboFest Houston (IgboFest) has reigned for over 15 years in the city of Houston bringing in performers from across the United States from Chicago to New Orleans including Nigeria. This Performance will consist of professional dancers of Nigerian and Non-Nigerian descent that has embraced the Igbo culture to display an array of cultural dances and folklore with an educational twist. Group performances will range from traditional to acrobatic and key appearances from various masquerades from Igboland.

IgboFest strives to sustain and re-enact significant episodes in Igbo cultural history. It will be presented and defined through art, literature, costumes, customs, education, fashion and festive dances that will bring cultural relevance on a global scale. The world is made up of great cultures and if we foster them positively, it will pay huge dividends in love, international understanding and a better world.


Igbo Fest Houston aims to reclaim cultural capital where it has been damaged or lost. There is a lack of exposure of authentic international performing arts promoting African tradition and folklore that creates a global exchange to under-deserved communities. In addition, there is a lack of factual perception about the diversity of African cultures.


  • Drive program awareness for international performing arts.
  • Support global exchange to a diverse population
  • Positively impact under-served communities and inner-city schools
  • Inspire and educate through a robust display of performances


Your company will partake in an initiative that activates community building and cultural awareness. IgboFest is a dynamic symbol that represents global exchange in the city of Houston. Your company will align with IgboFest to support a global exchange that provides an educational platform through international performing arts. Join the movement to boost sustainable development in the areas of social equality, economic and community solidarity. Just as you have continued to preserve a quality product, you will continue this mission by supporting IgboFest that has engrained the basic theme of perpetuation and propagation of the revered African Igbo ancestral life and cultural values.


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