The IgboFest Houston (IgboFest) has reigned for over 15 years in the city of Houston bringing in performers from across the United States from Chicago to New Orleans including Nigeria. This

Performance will consist of professional dancers of Nigerian and Non-Nigerian descent that has embraced the Igbo culture to display an array of cultural dances and folklore with an educational twist.

Group performances will range from traditional to acrobatic and key appearances from various masquerades from Igboland.


Culture matters! In Igbo culture, activities that relate to survival are believed to have their origin with the gods.  Memories are powerful.  For without memories there can be neither culture nor conscience. IgboFest is a reflection of the Igbo Culture in one of world’s most diverse city.


IgboFest strives to sustain and re-enact significant episodes in Igbo cultural history. It will be presented and defined through art, literature, costumes, customs, education, fashion and festive dances that will bring cultural relevance on a global scale. The world is made up of great cultures and if we foster them positively, it will pay huge dividends in love, international understanding and a better world.


The unique experience of living far away from ones’ original homeland throws up its own special handicaps. As we make a difference in our world, the focus on promoting, fostering, and showcasing Igbo culture and folklore outside Igbo ancestral homeland make substantial impact.


Ndi-Ichie: The Cradle of Elder Statesmanship

Historically, Ndi-Ichie are a Council of respected individuals that occupy a very high place in the Igbo society. They are well-regarded personalities; they are elected individuals of valued demeanor; honest, resourcefulness, with comprehensive moral reputations and other virtues. They are believed to command special connectivity with the ancestors, and at all times held in high regard.

Igbo as a tribe is well-known for her custom, engrained in a culture of esteemed values and characteristics.  A culture is a way of life of a group of people–the behaviors, beliefs, values, and symbols that they accept, most significantly represent.

In Houston, the fourth largest city in America where Igbos are densely populated, Ndi-Ichie Cultural Club has practically downloaded the philosophy of cultural attachment of the Igbos through   art, literature, costumes, customs, education, fashion, and cultural festivals.

They organization parades selected  elder statesmen of Igbo ancestry, organizing the cultural consolidation of the Igbo tradition among Igbo indigenes of all ages. Today, the Ndi-Ichie Cultural Club has initiated and facilitates various programs with tremendous accomplishments.










Join the movement to boost sustainable development in the areas of social equality, economic and community solidarity.


June 27, 2020 – Discovery Green

Igbo Fest Houston aims to reclaim cultural capital where it has been damaged or lost. There is a lack of exposure of authentic international performing arts promoting African tradition and folklore that creates a global exchange to under-deserved communities. In addition, there is a lack of factual perception about the diversity of African cultures.

Cultural Parade from different dance groups

Cultural dance troupes from different cultures

Unique traditional fashion parade – show

International Cuisine and Music – various vendors

Youth Festival and After Party Event


frequently asked questions

What is IgboFest Houston?

IgboFest Houston (IgboFest) consists of high-energy performances that embrace the Igbo culture and display an array of cultural dances and folklore with an educational twist.

How can I sponsor IgboFest Houston?

Please send an email to linda@aixfirm.com to receive information on sponsorship levels. This information is also available on this website.

What about public transportation to IgboFest Houston?

METRO is available for your transportation needs. For information on routes and schedules, please contact METRO at 713.635.4000 or visit https://www.ridemetro.org

When is IgboFest and what time would it start? Who may attend?

Saturday, July 17th, 2021; it starts from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. This event is open to the public (Individuals, families). It’s a great summer event.

What about parking - Where can I park?

There is plenty of easy parking near Discovery Green: street level, surface lots, or underground parking. Just come early to secure a better space.

Where is the EMS located at IgboFest Houston?

EMS will be in various areas around Discovery Green or you may ask a staff representative with a radio for assistance with an emergency.

Where will IgboFest Houston take place?

IgboFest Houston will be held at Discovery Green – 1500 McKinney, Houston, Texas 77010. This in Houston’s great Downtown.

How much does it cost to park?

Cost for parking will vary in downtown. Please adhere to the instructions provided by any parking lot or metered parking.

What hotel is recommended to stay?

Our Official Hotel Partner – Crowne Plaza River Oaks. There are many other hotels but using the official hotel partner offers special incentives.

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